About F4A

Fun4autism are a leek based autism fundraising organisation. We plan and run events to fundraise for ourselves in order to help and raise awareness for adults and children with autism and special needs.

HMRC Chariy Reg Number: EW62173

In resent year we have been actively raising funds for these charities by gaining personal sponsorship as an individual or teams at the events these charities run.

Fun4autism core beliefs are:

  • Awareness through Activity
  • Acceptance not tolerance
  • Social and emotional inclusion

Fun4Autism first started about 5years ago as just me and my wife as away to give back to all the charities that helped us along our personal journey through autism diagnosis and the first crucial months of learning to understand our son needs, mixed in with this we had to relearn how to parent him as he also has ADHD. A lethal combination I ensure you, we spent from when our son was approx 2 years old noticing subtle differences in how he would behave and how our friend’s children of the same age would behave, and so did his nursery. This is where our journey started.

Over these few years Fun4 autism has ran fun days locally (even in the rain) and in amongst this we have dedicated our self’s to fundraising by attending many Autism charity events to help raise much needed funds.

Fun4autism has now grown again to include new names and faces, expanding our team to include other autism parents and people with various special needs within their own families. This has put in a unique position meaning we can now look to do bigger and better events, with a refreshed aim to enlarge our fundraising efforts.

We can truly say that all proceeds from our fundraising get passed on to the charity chosen for the event as that is all we do it for.

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